[TUT] FPS problems after installing VISTA

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[TUT] FPS problems after installing VISTA

Post by Lecter on Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:27 am

Ok recently i installed Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit system on my new PC, before that i had Vista only on my laptop, and it sucked my coc* the hard way... Well at the beginning i didn't see any problems, than i installed CS, and whoila - Choke 99 - 100, ping 50 and up, before Vista my choke was 0 or 1 , and my ping was 7 - 20... i could'n really find the problem... i checked all the drivers, my internet connection and so on and on, but everything was find...
And the dramatic twist:
I started to check my configs in the CS... And whoila rate setting was the answear it was 2500, when i started to increse the numbers the ping got lower and the choke started to disapear... i stopped at rate 20000 and since that the game is working fine Wink
So if you have the same problem, Start the game, open console and type in: rate 20000, press ENTER and enjoy the game Wink
Hope this helps, Have fun !


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