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Post by Lecter on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:55 am

Hey found this tutorial if you can call it a tutorial on It's a list of commands that can help you boost your fps.
Author: Nixon1

Draw your FPS on screen:
/cg_drawfps 1
Draw your Lagometer on screen:
/cg_drawlagometer 1
Max FPS command:
/com_maxfps 0

/cg_fov "80" (GAMEPLAY)*
/com_maxfps "125" (FPS)*
/snaps "30" (REGISTRY)*
/cl_maxpackets "100" (REGISTRY)*
/cl_packetdup "2" (REGISTRY)
/rate "25000" (REGISTRY)
/sm_enable 0 (FPS)*
/r_drawdecals 0 (FPS)*
/cg_drawFPS "Simple" (FPS)
/cg_brass "0" (FPS)
/r_multigpu "1" (FPS)
/r_cachemodellighting "1" (FPS)
/r_cacheSmodellighting "1" (FPS)
/cl_mouseaccel "0" (MOUSE)

/r_rendererPreference "Shader model 2.0" (FPS)
/r_vsync "0" (FPS)
/r_smc_enable "0" (FPS)
/r_rendererPreference "0" (FPS)
/r_skincache "1" (FPS)
/cg_blood "0" (FPS)
/com_hunkmegs "512" (FPS)
/r_drawsun "0" (FPS)

Now Type In Console:


*CG FOV :: Field of view, where the value is the angle of the circular arc that is displayed
on your screen. High values will make the game appear "fisheyed".

*MAX FPS :: This command limits your maximum FPS. You may ask why you would want to do this,
and the answer is that it will help the server from having lag confusion when your frame rate
has a sudden rise or fall. Run a timedemo, collect your average FPS and use that as the limit
for when you play on-line.

*SNAPS :: This is possibly the most important setting for getting a good connection.
Snaps setting determines how many updates you recieve from the server. 20 to 30 for
56K connects in quake series 40 for high speed internet im sure the same for cod. (30 is fine).

*MAXPACKETS :: This setting puts a limit on the maximum amount of packets that can be sent to
the server via the client. This setting is useful for people with slower modems. Obviously we
all have high speed connects so set to at least 100. Lower maxpacket settings i.e 30 lowers ping
on screen but at the cost of registration.

*SM ENABLE :: Turns off unique Shadows ingame, it boosts FPS more than most commands.

*R DRAWDECALS :: Turns off details on walls and objects, however Punkbuster will kick you off for this at this time.
Thats it. You can find useful configs in:

Boosting FPS Oyswlwc80zjdy7914q1

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