[TUT] boosting FPS

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[TUT] boosting FPS

Post by Lecter on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:03 pm

Ok, so many of us have problems whit FPS when playing CS:S, i had 30fps when i first played CS:S after i tryed these setting my FPS was constant 99, hope it helps Wink

Ok 1st thing you should do is turning off Vsync, it can be done in you're video cards CP for nvidia cards in nvidi CP and for ati cards in CCC a.k.a catalyst control center.
2nd thing yoiu can do is editing CS:S configuration files. Open file config.cfg with a text editor like notepad, wordpad or notepad++.
In the end of the file add the following lines:

fps_max 101

r_decals 0

mp_decals 0

net_graph 0

cl_showfps 1

cl_interp 0.01

cl_radartype 1

cl_show_bloodspray 0

cl_ejectbrass 0

cl_scalecrosshair 1

cl_ejectbrass 0

cl_show_splashes 0

cl_show_bloodspray 0

r_3dsky 0

r_shadows 0

r_eyes 0

r_teeth 0

r_drawrain 0

r_dynamic 0

r_modellodscale 0.1

r_drawlights 0

r_DispUseStaticMeshes 0

fog_enable 0

muzzleflash_light 0

for now thats about it, hope it helped Wink if it didn't well wait for next tutorial


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