[TUT] Speeding up you're system

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[TUT] Speeding up you're system

Post by Lecter on Sat Apr 19, 2008 11:10 pm

Ok in other tutorials on how to speed up you're system we disabled processes, tuned up our graphics and bla, bla, bla Wink
This time we will clean our system from little viruses, temp files and other crap, that slows our system down Wink If you have a new XP / Vista installation you don't have to do this, but for older systems you should do this all once a week or at least once a month Wink
We do not take any responsibility on how you're system can react !

Lets start !
1. Let's clean our PC with Ad-Aware, i believe this is still the best Anti spyware soft there is Wink
You can download a trial or a free version from adaware website Wink
2. Install and run the software, Press Scan Now button, and choose full scan Wink wait until it's dun and check all the items it shows and press NEXT, it will delete all that crap we don't like Smile You should restart you're system You should see some improvements already...
Ok the next step is to clean our system from the temp files It's really easy to do Wink we can do it in the easy way or in the hard way Smile basicly they will do the same:

1st way:You can go to X:/windows/Temp (X youre HDD) and delete all the files you find in this folder
2nd way: Go to START / Search and in the search window key in:
at the More Advanced Options check "include subfolders" "Search hidden files and folders" "Search system folders".
When thats done press SEARCH and delete all it finds Wink don't clean youre recycle bin !
Restart you're system, if it works fine you can clean you're recycle bin, if you get any errors (IT shouldn't happen) than just restore temp files from the recycle bin.

Oh yes, you should know this one:
Disk defragmentation...
Go to My Computer, left click on you're Hard Drive and choose options, in the Tools box choose Defragment and follow the steps...

Well thats about it Wink you're system should work faster, you're RAM usage should be lower and you're CPU usage also should be lower...
Hope this helps Smile
See you next time !


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