[TUT] Speeding Up Windows XP SP2 Graphics

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[TUT] Speeding Up Windows XP SP2 Graphics

Post by Lecter on Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:25 am

Om so Windows Xp has many graphc options, that we don't really need, in this tutorial we will adjust graphics to gain faster acces to files, higher FPS in games and so on... We will do this in few simple steps. Lets start !
Ok, the first step: We will make Xp look like his old brother Windows 2000 Smile preatty uggly, but it works Smile

We do not take any responsibility on how you're system can react !

1. Right click on MyComputer / Choose Propertys
2. Go to Advanced tab and choose the Performance settings.
3. Now you have 4 choices

  • Let windows choose what's best for my computer
  • Adjust for best appearance
  • Adjust for best performance
  • Custom
The first 2 are allmoust the same, so we will choose the custom or the Adjust for best performance. Adjust for best performance will turn off all animations, custom skins and others.... If you choose Custom, you can choose witch options to leave on and witch you don't need...

If you still wan't your system to work faster, you can change the color mode from 32bit to 16bit collors, you can do this by right clicking on your desktop, choosing Propertys, going to settings and setting the color mode from 32bit(True color) to 16bit(Medium). Press Ok and youre good to go...
Hope this helps Smile It worked for me Smile


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