[TUT]TOPSITES on your webserver

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[TUT]TOPSITES on your webserver

Post by Gest3r on Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:45 am

How to make topsites on your webserver.

Download webserver if you dont have.. Easyphp Appserver
Download this file from here.
Open and you will see file atsphp 5.2.0 . Put that in the X:/webserver/www or htdocs.
Rename folder atsphp 5.2.0 to topsites
Now open internet explore or firefox mozilla /opera http://localhost/topsites/install

Choose english language and press next.

Now go to webserver/Mysql/data/ and make folder topsites.

Admin pass
: your admin password
DNS: http://yourip/topsites
E-mail: write your e-mail
Database type: dont change .
Host: localhost
Database: topsites
Username: root
Password: write your webserver password

Prefix: dont change.
Go to webserver/www/topsites/ and delete install folder
Thats all Smile
Admin panel http://yourip/topsites/index.php?a=admin

Configuration in admin paneli

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