[TUT] Setting up VAC for a cracked server

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[TUT] Setting up VAC for a cracked server

Post by Lecter on Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:15 am

Ok so we all have seen stupid cheaters and stupid admins that don't do a s**t there are few ways to get rid of one of them - of course im talking about cheaters, we all hate them Smile Of course this will work only for few, old cheats like CD-Hack....
So download the file:

when the file has been downloaded just extract it on you're desktop (Mouse 2 / Extract Here) Now you have a new folder - Counter-Strike, copy or cut the files that it contains to your servers directory and when your system asks you do you really want to override the existing files with these say YES.... When thats done all you have to do is configure you're server so it would use VAC, to do this just go to cstrike/liblist.gam
and change the line
secure 0
secure 1
Now go to you're servers shortcut right click on it and choose propertys at the Target line add
+sv_lan 0 -secure
Thats it for now, hope it helps in the fight against cheaters !


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