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Post by Lecter on Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:33 pm

1. How to Find what i am looking for ?
If you know what you're looking for, for example 3D's MAX tutorial on how to create simple 3D Text, than just follow Categories and Forums:
Category: Graphics Forum: 3D SubForum: 3D's MAX and than just look for the tut, if it's too hard, than use the forums search option

2. What to do if i have a problem, but there is no tuts in the section ?
Well if you, for an example, have a problem with you're 3D's MAX, but there is no tuts about this in the 3D's MAX section, you can make a new topic on the section, follow the rules: The name of the topic shouldn't be help, wtf or something like that call it in the name of problem: ERROR ***, Rendering problem.....
3. Can post tutorials from other websites if i'm not the author ?
Yes of course, but you have to put a link to the website you took the tutorial from and Authors name or nickname:
Source: http://help.whizkris.com
Author: Lecter

4. Can i put you're tutorials on my website ?
Yes you can, only with few conditions: you have to put our banner under the tutorial, you have to put Authors name and/ or Nickname on top of the tutorial and you have to put the source a.k.a http://help.whizkris.com:
Author: Lecter
Source: http://help.whizkris.com
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