[TUT] Burning ISO

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[TUT] Burning ISO

Post by Lecter on Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:18 pm

I Hate VISTA !
Why ?
Well it just sucks Smile I love XP, but when i bought my laptop it already had VISTA on it, so i decided to test it, and of course write some tuts...
I was shocked, when i found out that i can't burn an ISO image to my CD :O I found out that NERO doesn't work on VISTA, A120 only fuc*** all system and it started to show the blue screens: Bla bla bla and than just restart (of course i fixed that)
I searched the net for software that could burn ISOS and would work on VISTA and whoila found a perfect solution:
It's perfect.... in couple of minutes my ISO was on the CD and i was happy again Smile

Download in here
install it, press browse and show the soft where the ISO is put a blank CD in the CDROM, press BURN and you're almost done Wink
Good luck !


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Re: [TUT] Burning ISO

Post by Tarpins on Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:39 pm

Vari ari pastestet sadu lietu ka DVD Decrypter

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