[TUT] Setting up Hl-Booster windows

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[TUT] Setting up Hl-Booster windows

Post by Lecter on Tue Apr 01, 2008 12:06 am

Ok, lots of people have asked me to tell them how to put the goth damn hlbooster on their server ! Even more people have asked me to do it fore them.... Well F*** you Smile do it you're self bastards !
It's really simple, just follow these few steps and you will finish in no time!

  • Copy the file booster_mm.dll to X:\server\cstrike\addons\hlbooster\dlls\

  • copy the file hlbooster.cfg to X:\server\cstrike\addons\hlbooster\

  • now go to X:\server\cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini open it with notepad or other tet editor and in the end of the file add the following line:

win32 addons/hlbooster/dlls/booster_mm.dll
  • Now we have to configure the settings, so go to X:\server\cstrike\server.cfg open it with notepad or other text editor... Scroll to the end of the page end copy / paste the following lines:

booster_show_connmsg 0
booster_autofps 520
booster_minsleepms 3
booster_force_systicrate 10000
booster_cpu_enabled 0 
booster_cpu_spikemax 3
booster_cpu_spikelevel 75
booster_cpu_mminc 2
booster_cpu_quiettime 300
booster_cpu_mmmin 2
booster_cpu_mmmax 9
booster_cpu_floor 50
booster_cpu_stats 0
booster_lite_mode 3
booster_lite_extra_sleep_frequency 0
booster_stats 0
Thats it for now Smile see you next time Very Happy


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